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Every order supports a fisherman working in the UK.

Mackerel escabeche

by JL Covenas

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I grew up by the sea and have always been spoilt by super fresh fish my Dad would catch. And of course once you’re used to that anything you buy in the shops is just never quite fresh enough so I’ve kind of given up buying fish in London. And then we hear about you guys - what a blessing! Thank you.

Loren, Customer

Hook yourself up, eat fresh fish delivered to your door!

Richard Foster, Chef

My last delivery was incredible, the best salmon I have ever eaten! Agreed by my very picky 6 years old too ;)

Kelly, Customer

Super healthy, easy and fool-proof to cook.

Alexis Noble, Chef

The freshest plaice home delivered.

Sarah, Customer

Great fish straight to your door.

Mark Drummond, Chef

So glad you guys started doing home deliveries... I am living the dream! Please, keep this up  even after the end of lockdown! 

Francesca, Customer