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Wild brill from Brixham Market, Devon.

All orders including brill TBC - availability and size -

Good to know (!)

- Fishing method: line caught (day boat) and/or trawling.

- What you can expect: please note that filleted fish might loose up to 40% of its weight (head, fins and bones) depending on the fish.

  • 1/1.5 kg - whole: feeds 2 ppl.

  • 1/1.5 kg - filleted: you will receive between 600/900 g of fillet yield. Feeds 2 ppl.

  • 1.5/2 kg - whole: feeds 3/4 ppl.

  • 1.5/2 kg - filleted: you will receive between 900/1.2 kg of fillet yield. Feeds 3/4 ppl.

- If you are looking for a larger fish, please contact us on 07983 554841.