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1251 dogs pollocks burger

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Kit for 2 or 4 ppl includes:

- x2 or x4 portion of Henderson To Home pollock.
- Mango chutney.
- Bunch of coriander.
- x2 or x4 Paul Rhodes sesame seed buns. 
- Tandoori spiced tempura mix.
- Bombay spice mix.
- Cucumber raita.
- Pickled onions/chilli.


1. Preheat deep fat fryer or oil in a heavy pan to 180c or until bubbles form around a wooden skewers.
2. Mix 300ml of chilled sparkling water with your tandoori spiced tempura mix.
3. Coat your fish in plain flour and coat in your tempura mix and deep fry for 5 mins. 
4. Drain on kitchen paper.
5. Slice buns in half.
6. On the bottom half, lay the tempura fish.
7. Spread cucumber raita onto the fish.
8. Follow with your pickled onion/chilli.
9. Top with coriander.
10. Sprinkle your Bombay mix.
11. On the other side of the bun, spread with mango chutney.
12. Place on top and enjoy.